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Kids R Kids West Cary
The sole reason that we bring our child, Brooke Grimsley to Kids R Kids is that she has been loved since the moment she walked in the door by Graciella and Porscha. They have treated her like she was their own child. It has definitely spoiled her (for sure on the drop off days when they are not there). I know that when I drop her off in the morning that I do not have to worry about her being upset and that puts my mind at ease. I am grateful especially to Porscha who hugs my child every morning, has changed her schedule to come in early, and worked with her in two different classes. I also than k the front desk staff for allowing Brooke to be able to be cared for by Porscha and understanding this special bond.
Mrs. Grimsley
Kids R Kids West Cary
Our two children have been attending KRK West Cary since they were babies. They have been cared for and taught by teachers that love them as if they were their own children. KRK West Cary has had a few changes within the last year or so which in my opinion, has improved the environment for everyone. Our children are excited to go to school every day. Our daughter is now in kindergarten. She goes to before and after school care and loves the track out camps. Our son attends daily and has a blast with the extracurricular football and basketball programs that are offered. We are very happy at KRK and would recommend this school to anyone.
Sheri Courtney
Kids R Kids West Cary
This school is great! I have attended for 4 years, and love the teachers my children have had. They have high expectations for the staff which is a good thing, and do not keep ones who do not measure up. The ower is always on site, and very friendly. As far as the new addition to management, she seems very professional and very friendly. I can imagine how busy she is on a daily basis, but is always smiling and greeting parents. The school is very clean and warm, better than anything in the area!!
Pre-k parent
Kids R Kids West Cary
I have always been pleased with Kids R Kids and have enjoyed watching my daughter grow there. The teachers have all been very nurturing and the classrooms are well structured. I appreciate that I can watch my daughter on the computer throughout the day, the learning center, the circle times in the classrooms, her music class, PE class, the art projects, letters/colors of the week - it's endless! My daughter enjoys her class and has established some wonderful friendships. I am proud to endorse Kids R Kids at Cary Park ." Vicky started in the very first room (suite 100) as an infant at 6 months old. We are in our final year and I have never once considered leaving. The Management has always been great, always listening, friendly and a cheerful greeting every morning I walk in. I don't think a day goes by where someone hasn't said "have a nice day" or "have a nice evening". Brian is a wonderful owner and always very pleasant every time I see him. In all of my years I only had to go to him for one issue (picture mess up) and he addressed it right away/my situation was handled in a positive way. I feel I could go to him or management if I ever need to talk (but fortunately I haven't had any real issues to go and talk about). Ms Viva and Brittany were very nurturing when Vicky was an infant and always kept the room very clean and organized. We were fortunate that Brittany moved to the next 2 suites when Vicky did. I was pleased with all of the other teachers Vicky had - they always gave me a nice daily status and always seemed to enjoy having Vicky in class. Some of our favorites were/are Ms Rashmi, Ms Candi, Ms Sarah, Ms Joy, Ms Monisa, Ms Viva and Ms Lakeita. (I could even name more ...) I have formed some great bonds with many of Vicky's teachers. It's a pleasure to stand there and talk with them when I have time. I feel the curriculum has always been above standard and appreciate all of the written feedback I have received. Vicky has learned so much here - she comes home and demonstrates what she has discovered in class all of the time. She enjoys class, her teachers and especially the great friends she has made. We get together with many of the familys from her class (and with a couple who have moved on too). Her and her friends have an incredible bond! We are also very pleased with Coach Dynamite and Coach Cara - Vicky always looks forward to PE/tumbler classes. She also enjoys the music class too - these enhance an already great school. Can't forget to mention all of the fall festivals, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas events, parties, etc KRK has done for the parents - it really makes us feel appreciated. I look forward to reading the newsletters since they address real life experiences and give some good advice. To me that is an extra I don't see many daycare's doing. My older daughter was in the school age for awhile and looked forward to the daily field trips. Her favorite teacher at the time was Carrie. We were happy to see her move to the front desk. Every time I have ever needed something, she has addressed in a very timely manner. As for you, I think adding you as a principal was a great addition to the school and you have brought in many positive changes. Whenever someone asks for a daycare recommendation, I always say Kids R Kids West Cary!!!
Sherry Karl
Kids R Kids West Cary
Kids R Kids West Cary was a perfect fit for our family. Our daughter has been attending since she was 4 months old. We have now been part of the Kids R Kids West Cary for over a year. When we evaluated daycare's teacher attitudes, experience, cleanliness, and overall "feeling" of daycare facility were the main items we were evaluating. Kids R Kids West Cary scored a 5 out of 5 on all of these things. Yes, it was one of the higher price daycare's in the area but you get what you pay for and when it comes down to child care for our daughter we think it is well worth it.
Kristy Pace
Kids R Kids West Cary
My family has been going to Kids R Kids West Cary for 6.5 years now. My oldest son started as a baby and graduated from the preschool program. He is now in first grade and attends the track out camps. My youngest son started as an infant and has been attending for 8 months now. My oldest son ran into school every day and hated to leave at night. My youngest son gets excited when we pull into the parking lot each morning and gets a huge smile on his face as we walk towards the school. My children have always been very happy at this school. Their happiness is the best review and all I need to know they are being well cared for each day while I am at work.
Mrs. Verdery
I have to post this for all parents in search of a great daycare for your child. I had not placed my child in a daycare before and was very skeptical with someone caring for her as I returned back to work. I had researched nannies, sitters, other daycares and was in the mind set that no one would give her the care that she needed being an infant. I walked into Kids R Kids and was greeted with warm smiles and friendly faces. They allowed me to tour, do mini-visits to get me and my child prepared for her stay. The best part is the parent log in so I can see her happy and playing all day online. The care is great and the entire staff knows who you are not just the teachers in the class room. I would highly recommend this care facility to anyone who is in search for a daycare or after school program. Thanks, S.Short and P. Monroe
P. Monroe
Parent Review
This email will never be sufficient enough of a testimony to explain why my little Williams family loves Kids R Kids of West Cary to infinity and beyond. My daughter, Mia Williams, was a stay at home child until she was 17 months. My husband and I relocated to Cary from Charlotte, NC and as new parents we had absolutely no idea where to start when it came to researching schools for our little munchkin. We started by asking our neighbors, later comparing prices and following up with several discovery days. My husband and I ended up going with a bilingual school that many of our neighbors raved about and the tuition was right in line with our budget. This school ended up being the worst decision that we could have made for our daughter and to this day I still feel terrible for taking her there and having that be her first experience of a school. Mia was enrolled in that particular daycare for about 2 months and she cried at the sight of the playground and the front of the facility. That particular staff kept telling my husband and I that her crying was due to separation anxiety and she would eventually grow out of it. My mother’s intuition told me otherwise. Mia was not being engaged with teachers or classmates and was not occupied with daily activities. She was allowed to sit in a chair at a table for several hours without any activities or interactions and that struck a nerve with my husband and I. We felt that Mia was not getting the love, attention and learning stimulation that we were expecting from a daycare/school and I knew I had to make a change for our Princess because I hated seeing the sadness in her eyes at just the sight of the school. I decided to take 3 days off from work and I began my thorough search for another school that would truly help develop and love Mia the way we do at home. After feeling like I had hit a wall, I came across Kids R Kids of West Cary. I initially popped in for literature but Carrie Winstead greeted me with the biggest and warmest smile and had something else in store for Mia and I. Carey was so extremely helpful and she immediately dropped the files she was working on and volunteered to take Mia and I on a tour of the academy. Mia was walking around smiling and waving “Hi” to everyone that smiled and passed by her and at THAT moment I knew Kids R Kids of West Cary was Mia’s new home. Since Mia’s enrollment date of September 30, 2013, her AMAZING teachers, Ms Megan and Ms Graciela, have tripled her vocabulary. I cannot speak enough of about Megan and Graciela because these two young ladies truly love, adore and have a vested interest in teaching Mia and developing her. In a span of 2 months Mia has been practicing sign language, engaging in all types of physical and artistic activities and she comes home talking up a storm about Ms “Ella” and Ms “Megan”. Although Kids R Kids of West Cary is $300 more in tuition compared to the other school, my husband and I would probably pay even more because our daughter is truly happy from the time she enters the doors and her academic excellence is held at high regards there. I've probably said too much when all I've could have said is that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the ENTIRE staff at Kids R Kids of West but when they are tasked with caring for and developing our most prized possession I can’t help but brag about everyone especial Ms Megan and Ms Graciela.
Ms. Williams
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